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I would still pawn my last 21 grams for an eternal moment at the mike

The tiny room takes a while to quieten  down, its warmth inducing underage bucolic comas. For now, the room plays frigid as it turns its back to me, languourously stirring a mojito with a manicured index finger before licking it in slow motion watching me all the while. Afterwards, wrapped up in a mini cassock it cries out against gang rape. But its principals, morality, values, passion, convictions and fear disguised by complicit whispers turn into applause for no apparent reason. For the unknown neighbour was the first to entertain the vain hope of taking over the show. Despite their continuous stomping, they will never be part of the show because they are too far away from the mike. We are not equals, only in business, friendly so far as it is possible, for I want nothing and I can say everything at once. Then all you can do is watch someone who is no longer there. That’s why at this moment, I will give you everything right down to the last fragment of my soul but you will never possess me. Some have a mouth, others have ears, such is the food chain!

Text : Souklaye – Translation : Sophie Inge    



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